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What does igmDL?

igmDL is the most fastest and easiest tool to download your favorite Instagram photos and videos, it does not limited to Instagram posts but also the profile pictures and Instagram stories.

Are the videos and photos in HD quality?

Yes, We deliver the highest quality possible we can get from Instagram, videos, photos and even the profile picture will be delivered in highest resolution to you.

Is igmDL free?

Yes, you can download from Instagram using our service for free.

Can I use it on my phone?

Our service can be used on any devices and operating systems, on Android or iOS phones and tablets, on Windows, Mac or any other operating services or devices.

Is it possible to download from any Instagram user?

Our service has only access to the Instagram contents which are freely accessible to anyone, it means the videos, photos and stories from a private account is not possible to be downloaded, but you still can save their Instagram profile pictures in high quality.

How to download from Instagram?

To download from Instagram if you're using Instagram app, tap on 3 dots icon and tap on copy link and paste in input field and tap on Get it.
If you're using browser, simply copy the URL and paste in the input field and click on Get it button.
To save the Instagram story or profile picture you can also simply write the username.

What you can download from igmDL?

You can download these medias by using the igmDL website:
Instagram Video and Image posts
Instagram Video and Image Stories
Instagram IGTV Videos
Instagram Reels Videos